Can Rabbits Eat Tarragon? Herb Hunches!

brown rabbit on brown wooden floor

Is Tarragon Rabbit-Friendly? – No, Avoid It

When it comes to rabbits and tarragon, it’s not the best match. While humans enjoy tarragon for its unique flavor, it’s not safe for our bunny friends. Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems, and tarragon can cause them issues. It’s better to stick to foods that are known to be safe for rabbits.

Tarragon’s Effect on Rabbits

  • Rabbits are herbivores and thrive on a diet rich in hay, fresh veggies, and a limited amount of fruits. Tarragon, however, isn’t part of the list of recommended herbs for bunnies.

  • This herb can be too potent for a rabbit’s delicate digestive system, leading to possible gastrointestinal distress or upset.

  • Additionally, tarragon contains compounds that might be harmful if consumed in large quantities by rabbits. It’s best to err on the side of caution and exclude it from their diet.

Proper Feeding Guidelines for Rabbits

Rabbits need a balanced diet based on high-quality hay, fresh leafy greens, a small selection of safe veggies, and limited, occasional fruits. Stay away from herbs that haven’t been confirmed as safe for rabbits, like tarragon, and always introduce new foods gradually, monitoring your pet for any adverse reactions.

Important Precautions When Feeding Rabbits

Whenever you’re introducing new food to your pet rabbit, do so slowly and in moderation. Rabbits can have sensitive stomachs, so unfamiliar foods can sometimes cause problems. Always ensure fresh foods are clean and free from pesticides and opt for organic when possible. Stick to rabbit-safe foods like certain lettuces, carrot tops, and herbs like basil and parsley.

Suitable Foods for Different Pets

While tarragon is not recommended for rabbits, other pets may be able to enjoy this herb without issue. Always research beforehand, as each animal has its own specific dietary needs and restrictions. For example, some herbivorous reptiles and birds may tolerate tarragon, but it should never be assumed without proper evidence.


To summarize, tarragon should not be on the menu for your rabbit. It’s crucial to stick to a diet that’s known to be safe and healthy for them, which includes a variety of rabbit-friendly veggies and herbs. When in doubt, consult a vet before adding anything new to your furry friend’s meal plan to ensure their continued health and happiness.