Can Rabbits Eat Oats? Grainy Glimpses!

white rabbit standing on grass

Is Oatmeal Good for Bunnies? – Yes, In Moderation

Rabbits can safely enjoy oats, but only in small amounts. Unlike their usual diet of hay and greens, oats are grains, which means they are high in carbohydrates and calories. It’s important to understand that while oats can be a nice treat, they should not replace a rabbit’s main diet. Think of oats like a special snack you might get on a holiday—tasty but not something to eat every day.

The Perks of Oats for Hoppy Pets

  • Oats can be a source of energy for rabbits because they have carbohydrates.
  • They also have some fiber, which helps your rabbit’s digestion work well.
  • Oats contain minerals like manganese and zinc, which are good for your bunny’s overall health.
  • They have protein, too, which supports muscle health in rabbits.

How Often Should Bunnies Munch on Oats?

Giving your rabbit oats is something to do every once in a while, not every day. A small amount, like a tablespoon, once or twice a week is plenty. Rabbits need a balanced diet, and too many oats can lead to an upset tummy or weight gain. Always keep a close eye on how your rabbit is after eating oats to make sure they stay happy and healthy.

Considerations Before Feeding Oats to Rabbits

Even though oats are a safe treat, they are not perfect. They are heavier in grains and can make your rabbit gain extra weight if you feed them too much. Also, be sure to introduce oats into your rabbit’s diet slowly. This will help you see if oats cause any digestive problems, like an upset stomach. If you see any signs of discomfort, it’s best to stop giving oats and talk to a vet.

Snack Sharing: Which Other Pets Can Eat Oats?

Other furry friends, like hamsters and guinea pigs, can also have oats as a treat. Just like with rabbits, the portion should be small to prevent weight gain and other health issues. It’s always a good plan to check with your vet for the exact amount you should give to your other pets.


In this blog, we’ve learned that oats can be a nice little snack for rabbits, but they should be given sparingly. It’s important to remember that hay, water, and fresh greens are the stars of a rabbit’s diet, with oats playing the part of an occasional guest star. It’s all about keeping our bunnies healthy, happy, and full of energy. Feed responsibly and enjoy watching your rabbit hop around with joy!