Can Rabbits Eat Paper? Pulp Points!

white and gray rabbit on brown nest

Is Paper Safe for Rabbits? – No, Not Advisable

When we think of rabbits, we picture them munching on carrots or leafy greens, but paper? Not really. You might see a rabbit nibble on paper, but it’s not the right snack for them. Even if they find paper fun to play with, it doesn’t mean it’s good for their tummy. Let’s hop into why it’s a no-go.

Finding the Right Rabbit Snacks

  • Rabbits thrive on a diet rich in hay, which helps their digestive system work properly.

  • Fresh veggies, like romaine lettuce and spinach, give them necessary vitamins.

  • Occasionally, fruits can be a sweet treat, but always in moderation to avoid too much sugar.

How Much Should Your Bunny Munch?

Rabbits do best with a consistent routine. Unlimited hay should always be available for them to nibble on throughout the day. As for veggies, a few cups per day depending on their size and weight is just right. Fruits are more like occasional treats, think once or twice a week and in small amounts – a slice of apple or a few blueberries will do.

Chew on This, Not That!

While paper isn’t toxic to rabbits, it doesn’t offer any nutrition and might cause a tummy upset or even worse, a blockage if they eat too much of it. Plus, the ink on paper can be harmful. So, it’s best to stick to what’s best for bunnies and keep paper away from their curious nibbles.

A Bunny-Friendly Menu

Rabbits aren’t the only pets with specific dietary needs. For instance, guinea pigs also enjoy a diet of hay, fresh veggies, and a bit of fruit. And just like bunnies, they should steer clear of munching on paper. Always check what’s best for your pet’s belly!


So, we’ve hopped through the reasons why paper and rabbits don’t mix when it comes to snack time. Remember to fill their diet with hay, fresh veggies, and the occasional fruity treat instead of paper. Keep playtime and mealtime separate to ensure your furry friend stays healthy and happy!