Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? Chomp Check!

white and black rabbit on green grass

Is Cardboard Safe for Rabbits? – Yes, Generally Safe

Rabbits can play with and gnaw on cardboard. It’s a common item in many homes, which makes it an easy choice for a bunny toy or snack. But, just because they can chew on it doesn’t mean they should eat a lot. A little bit of cardboard won’t hurt, but it shouldn’t replace their real, healthy food.

Furry Friends and Cardboard Fun

  • Keeping Bunny Teeth in Check

    Rabbits have teeth that grow all their lives. They need to chew on things to keep their teeth from getting too long. Cardboard can help with that because it’s not too hard or too soft for their teeth.

  • A Toy and a Snack

    Rabbits like to play and chew, and cardboard gives them a chance to do both. It’s like getting a new toy and a treat at the same time. This can keep them busy and happy.

Chew on This, But Not Too Much

While rabbits can chew on cardboard, you shouldn’t let them eat too much. It’s not food, so it doesn’t have any nutrients that rabbits need. Too much can fill them up so they don’t eat their real food, which could make them miss out on important vitamins and minerals. Also, some cardboard might have ink or glue on it that isn’t good for rabbits.

A Bunny-Friendly Menu

Cardboard isn’t the only thing rabbits can chew on. There are lots of safe and healthy options like hay, wooden toys, and cardboard without ink or glue. These are better for them and will help keep their teeth healthy and tummies full of good stuff.


I’ve told you about rabbits and cardboard. They can chew on it and it’s safe for them, but only in small bits. Remember, it’s not real food, so don’t let it take the place of their normal, healthy diet. And watch out for cardboard with ink or glue—it’s not bunny-friendly. Keep your rabbit healthy and happy with the right toys and the right food.