Can Rabbits Eat Turnip? Root Realities!

closeup photography of brown rabbit on ground

Should Bunnies Munch on Turnips? No, With Cautions

While rabbits may find turnips tempting, these root veggies aren’t a recommended treat. Turnips contain a compound called goitrogens which can disrupt thyroid function, especially if consumed in large amounts. Additionally, turnips are high in calcium, which can lead to urinary issues in rabbits. So, it’s best to serve turnips rarely and in small quantities if you do choose to offer them to your bunny.

The Nutritional Breakdown of Feeding Rabbits Turnips

  • Turnips have some vitamins and minerals that rabbits need in small amounts, such as Vitamin C and potassium.
  • Fiber is an essential component of a rabbit’s diet, and turnips do contain dietary fiber which can help with digestion.
  • However, the drawbacks seem to outweigh the benefits when it comes to feeding turnips to rabbits on a regular basis.

The Right Serving Recommendations for Bunnies and Turnips

Given the potential risks associated with turnips in a rabbit’s diet, it’s vital to limit turnip intake. If absolutely necessary, a tiny cube measuring about one cubic inch is more than enough for your rabbit to taste once a week. Always monitor your rabbit’s reaction to new foods like turnips and consult with a veterinarian for a tailored dietary plan.

Considerations Before Feeding Your Rabbit Turnips

Some rabbits might experience gas or bloating from eating turnips, as they can be quite gassy vegetables. Additionally, goitrogens in turnips can cause thyroid problems, and too much calcium can lead to kidney stones or urinary tract issues. It’s crucial to introduce any new food, including turnips, gradually and in tiny portions to monitor your rabbit’s reaction.

Are Turnips Safe for Other Household Pets?

Although rabbits might not be the ideal candidates for turnip feasts, some other pets such as guinea pigs can handle small amounts of turnip. However, every pet has unique dietary requirements, so what’s good for one might not be suitable for another. Always research or consult a vet before introducing new foods to your pets.


In summary, turnips can be given to rabbits, but only sparingly and with caution. It’s not a vegetable they should have daily, but as an occasional treat in tiny amounts, it may add some variety to their diet. However, due to risks of thyroid and urinary tract problems, it’s essential to monitor their health and consult with a vet for a personalized diet plan suited for your furry friend’s needs.