Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? Red Revelations!

brown rabbit on gray textile

Is Tomato Safe for Rabbits? – No, With Exceptions

Rabbits are cute pets that love to munch on a variety of foods, but when it comes to tomatoes, they should only have them sometimes. Tomatoes can be a tasty treat for bunnies, but they are not really good for them to eat a lot. A little bit of tomato flesh, sometimes, won’t hurt them, but the green parts of the tomato plant are a big no-no for your furry friend.

The Scoop on Tomatoes and Bunny Health

While it’s not great to give rabbits lots of tomatoes, the ripe red parts do have some vitamins that can be healthy for them. These include vitamin C and antioxidants. However, these should only be teeny-weeny parts of your rabbit’s diet, which should mostly be made up of hay, water, and rabbit-friendly veggies.

How Often Can Bunnies Hop on a Tomato Treat?

Since too many tomatoes can upset a rabbit’s tummy, it is best to only give them as a rare treat. Think of it like the dessert of the bunny world – not needed every day! When you do offer tomatoes, make sure it’s just a small piece, like the size of your thumb, and only once or twice a week at most. And remember, only the red parts – never the green!

Red Flag on Greens: Bunny No-Nos

One super important thing to remember is that the green parts of the tomato plant – like the leaves, stems, and green tomatoes – are not safe for bunnies. They have things called alkaloids, which are toxic to rabbits. Always make sure to keep these parts far away from your floppy-eared friends.

Tomato Treats: Not Just for Rabbits?

While we’re focusing on rabbits, it’s good to know that other pets like guinea pigs and tortoises can also enjoy small bits of tomato without the green parts. But as with bunny pals, these should also only be occasional treats. Always check with a vet to know what’s best for your specific pet.


In conclusion, rabbits can occasionally enjoy a tiny bit of tomato as a treat, but it’s not something they should have regularly. You must make sure to give them only the red, ripe part of the tomato and avoid the toxic green parts entirely. Remember, the best meal for a rabbit is one that keeps them hoppy and healthy, with lots of hay, fresh water, and rabbit-approved greens. Treats are just for fun and shouldn’t replace their main food. So, enjoy giving your rabbit the occasional tomato nibble, but always do so with care and moderation!