Can Rabbits Eat Sage? Herb Insights!

brown rabbit on green grass field during daytime

Is Sage Safe for Bunnies? – Yes, In Moderation

Hey there, pet lovers! If you’ve got a bunny at home and you’re thinking about sharing some of your herb garden, you might wonder, “Can my rabbit eat sage?” The simple answer is yes, they can, but only a little bit. Sage is not a regular part of a rabbit’s diet, which usually includes lots of hay, some leafy greens, and a few pellets. So, giving sage to your rabbit can be a special treat, just be sure not to overdo it!

Health Benefits of Sage for Rabbits

  • Sage has antioxidants, which can help protect your bunny’s cells from damage.
  • It’s a source of vitamin K, which supports bone health and blood clotting.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which might help if your rabbit has any swelling or pain.
  • Sage is aromatic, and it can be a new, interesting flavor for your rabbits, which might make eating more fun for them.

How Often Can Rabbits Munch on Sage?

When you’re giving your bunny sage, remember that it should only be a tiny part of their diet. Think of it like a snack, not a main meal. Once or twice a week is plenty. And only give them a small leaf or two—rabbits have delicate tummies! It’s like giving candy to a kid; a little can be okay, but too much isn’t good for them.

Things to Watch Out For

Even though sage is safe in small quantities, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some rabbits might not like sage, and that’s okay – each bunny is different! Also, introducing any new food should be done slowly to make sure it doesn’t upset their stomach. If you see that your rabbit isn’t feeling well, like if they stop eating or have problems with their poop, then it’s time to stop giving them sage and check with your vet.

Can Other Pets Enjoy Sage?

Sure, some other pets can also have sage. For example, a small amount might be okay for some rodents like guinea pigs. Yet, it’s super important to make sure whatever we feed our pet friends is right for them. Just like us, different animals need different kinds of food to stay healthy. So always ask a vet first before feeding sage or any herb to other pets.


In conclusion, dear friends, yes, your precious bunnies can eat sage but only a tiny bit, and not all the time. It’s a special treat with some neat health perks. Remember to be careful with how much you give and always keep an eye on your bunny to make sure they’re still hopping around happily. Happy and responsible feeding is the way to go!