Can Rabbits Eat Plums? Fruity Facts!

a small rabbit is sitting in the dirt

Is Plum on The Bunny Menu? – No, Not Advisable

Rabbits might find plums to be a tempting treat because they are juicy and sweet. However, it’s not advisable for bunnies to eat plums. While a tiny nibble won’t necessarily hurt, whole plums, including the pits and skins, can be harmful to rabbits. Plums are not a natural part of a rabbit’s diet which is high in fiber and low in sugar. The high sugar content in plums can lead to digestive problems and obesity in rabbits.

Benefits of Rabbit-Friendly Foods

  • High fiber content aids in digestion
  • Appropriate vitamins support overall health
  • Low sugar treats prevent obesity

Feeding Frequency for Safe Foods

When feeding your rabbit, it’s important to remember that moderation is key. Safe foods can be given as part of a balanced diet. Rabbits thrive on a diet that mainly consists of hay, which should make up about 80% of their diet. Fresh vegetables that are low in sugar and high in fiber can also be included on a daily basis, while fruits should only be given occasionally as a treat in tiny amounts.

Safe Nibbles and Risky Bites

Even with safe foods, rabbits have delicate digestive systems. Introducing new foods should be done slowly and in small amounts. Foods that are high in sugar or have hard seeds and pits, such as plums, should be avoided as they pose choking hazards and can upset their stomach. Always ensure food is clean, pesticide-free, and served at room temperature.

Which Pets Can Share The Treat?

Although plums aren’t great for rabbits, some other pets might be able to enjoy them in moderation. For example, birds and rodents like hamsters may nibble on small, pitless plum pieces. It’s always important to research and confirm if a food is safe for your specific pet, as each species has its unique dietary needs and restrictions.


In conclusion, while it’s tempting to share our snacks with our furry friends, it’s critical to stick to foods that are safe for rabbits to consume. High fiber, low sugar veggies, and occasional fruit treats – minus the plums – will keep your bunny in tip-top shape. Always remember that responsible feeding practices are key to a healthy and happy pet!