Can Rabbits Eat Oranges? Citrus Secrets!

brown rabbit sitting on brown withered leaves

Is Citrus Safe for Bunnies? – Yes, With Caution

Rabbits can munch on a variety of foods, and you might be wondering if oranges are safe for your hoppy friend. Yes, rabbits can eat oranges, but there’s more to it. Just like treats for people, oranges should be given to rabbits in small amounts because these citrus fruits have a lot of sugar which isn’t great for bunnies in big quantities.

Why Oranges Can Be a Good Snack for Your Rabbit

  • Oranges are packed with vitamins that can be good for your rabbit’s health, like vitamin C which helps keep their body working well.
  • They can serve as a fun and tasty snack for your rabbit, which might make them quite happy.
  • The fruit’s hydration can also be beneficial, as it helps ensure your rabbit drinks enough water.

How Often Should Rabbits Have Oranges?

Rabbits can enjoy oranges, but only from time to time. Think of it as a special treat, maybe once or twice a week, and only offer a small piece about the size of your thumb. This helps prevent any upset in your rabbit’s tummy.

Important Things to Keep in Mind About Rabbits and Oranges

Even though oranges are fine for rabbits to nibble on occasionally, you should remove all the seeds and the thick peel before giving it to them, as these are not rabbit-friendly. Also, some bunnies might not like oranges or could get a sore stomach. If your rabbit has never tried oranges before, start with just a tiny piece and see how they do.

Can Other Furry Friends Have Oranges?

While rabbits can handle a little bit of orange, other pets might not. For example, it’s a definite no for dogs and cats as citrus can harm them. Always check if a food is safe before sharing it with any pet.


In summary, rabbits can enjoy a piece of orange as an occasional treat. It’s packed with goodies like vitamins, but don’t go overboard because of the sugar. Remember, every bunny is different, so introduce new foods slowly and watch how they react. As long as you’re careful with how much you give them, oranges can be a sweet little extra in your rabbit’s diet.