Can Rabbits Eat Ivy? Leafy Legwork!

brown rabbit on green grass during daytime

Is Ivy Safe for Bunny Tummies?

When it comes to our long-eared, hoppy friends, we want to make sure everything they nibble on is safe and healthy for them. That’s why it’s super important to understand that not all greens are good greens for bunnies. Ivy, that twisty, turny plant that climbs up walls, is actually a no-go for rabbit meals. Let’s chat about why ivy and rabbits are not a good mix. Sit tight as we hop into why this common plant could be bad news for your fluffy companion.

The Hidden Hazards of Ivy for Rabbits

Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems, and ivy happens to contain substances that aren’t friends with bunny bellies. These substances can make rabbits really sick. There are a few reasons why nibbling on ivy might lead to a visit to the vet instead of a happy rabbit tummy. We’ll go over the major no-nos of ivy, and why keeping your rabbit’s diet ivy-free is a super smart move.

Oh No, My Bunny Ate Ivy! What Now?

If your rabbit sneaks a bite of ivy, stay calm! Bunnies are fast and sometimes curious. They might not know ivy is a big no. Look out for any unusual signs in your rabbit like not eating normal food, looking kinda sleepy or more sleepy than usual, or any odd poops. These could be clues that the ivy is causing trouble. If you notice anything odd, a quick hop to the vet is the best plan.

Tasty and Safe Treats for Your Hoppy Friends

So, if ivy is off the menu, what can you safely feed your floppy-eared pal? Thankfully, there are lots of yummy and wholesome options that bunnies love and that love them back! We’ll take a look at some bunny-safe snacks that you can give to your little friend without worry. These are treats that’ll make both you and your bunny jump with joy!

Keeping Bunny Out of Trouble: No Ivy, Please!

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and it’s extra true when it comes to keeping our bunnies out of trouble. We’re going to share some tips on how to bunny-proof your home and garden to keep curious whiskers away from ivy. It’s all about making sure your hopper doesn’t have a chance to eat anything they shouldn’t. Keeping ivy away from your rabbit starts with these simple steps.


Let’s wrap up our bunny talk by remembering that rabbits are curious by nature, but it’s our job to steer them away from dangerous snacks like ivy. Learning what is safe for them to eat and taking steps to prevent them from munching on harmful plants is part of taking care of our floppy-eared friends. Always remember, the best rabbit diet is one that keeps them hopping and happy — and far away from ivy!