Can Rabbits Eat Grass? Green Guidance!

four white and brown rabbits

Is Grass Good for Rabbits? – Yes, Absolutely Safe

Rabbits can certainly munch on grass! It’s actually one of the best foods for them. In the wild, rabbits spend hours grazing on grass, which is both nutritious and good for their digestive systems. Grass helps wear down their ever-growing teeth and provides them with fiber, which is vital for a healthy bunny tummy.

Why Grass is a Bunny’s Best Friend

  • Grass is rich in fiber which is essential for a rabbit’s digestive health. It can help prevent obesity, as it is low in calories and requires a lot of chewing.

  • Chewing grass is a natural behavior for rabbits that keeps their teeth in good shape. Rabbit teeth grow continuously, and the abrasive action of chewing grass helps to wear them down.

  • Grass contains some important nutrients and minerals that can contribute to a rabbit’s overall well-being.

Grass Grazing Guideline

Rabbits can eat grass daily as it should make up a large part of their diet. However, if you’re introducing grass to your rabbit for the first time, do it slowly to allow their digestive systems to adjust. It’s also crucial to ensure that the grass is free from pesticides and other chemicals, and it shouldn’t be the clippings from lawnmowers, which can ferment quickly and cause digestive issues.

Things to Watch Out For

When feeding your rabbit grass, always use fresh grass and avoid grass from areas that may have been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Never feed your rabbit grass clippings from the lawnmower, as these can cause serious health problems. Additionally, introduce grass slowly into their diet if they’ve never had it before, to allow their stomachs to get used to the new food.

Who Else Enjoys a Blade of Grass?

Rabbits aren’t the only pets that can enjoy grass. Many pet species, including guinea pigs and tortoises, also benefit from it. However, each species has its own specific dietary needs, so it’s always best to check if grass is suitable for your particular pet.


In conclusion, grass is a natural and beneficial part of a rabbit’s diet. It’s crucial for their dental and digestive health and can be fed to them regularly. Just remember to introduce it properly, ensure it’s free from harmful chemicals, and avoid lawnmower clippings. With the right precautions, grass can be a wonderful addition to your rabbit’s meals.