Can Rabbits Eat Corn Cobs? Cob Conundrums!

white and black rabbit on green grass

Should Bunnies Munch on Corn Cobs?

Have you ever wondered if those hard corn cobs left over from your dinner are okay for your fluffy rabbit friend? The simple answer is no, rabbits should not eat corn cobs. Even though corn might seem yummy to us, it’s really not a good snack for rabbits. In this post, we’ll dig into why it’s not such a great idea to give your bunny corn cobs to munch on.

The Risks of Feeding Corn Cobs to Your Rabbit

Rabbits have delicate digestive systems that can get upset by eating the wrong foods. Corn cobs are tough for rabbits to chew and digest. Pieces of cob can be hard and even sharp, which might hurt your bunny’s mouth or cause blockages in their tummy. Also, corn cobs can have lots of starch and sugars that rabbits aren’t used to, so it can mess up the good bacteria in their gut, resulting in some really uncomfortable stomach problems.

Signs Your Rabbit Might Not Be Feeling Well After Eating Corn Cobs

If a rabbit eats a corn cob, they might show signs that they’re not feeling well. Look out for signs like not eating their regular foods, acting really tired, or having trouble with going to the bathroom. Some bunnies might even get tummy aches that make them sit hunched up. If you notice any of these signs after your rabbit sneaks a corn cob, it’s important to get in touch with a vet who knows about rabbits right away.

Tasty and Safe Alternatives to Corn Cobs for Rabbits

Instead of corn cobs, you can offer your rabbit plenty of hay, which they love and is super important for their teeth and tummy. Fresh, fiber-rich veggies like romaine lettuce, carrot tops, and broccoli leaves are also excellent choices. Just remember to introduce new veggies slowly to make sure they don’t upset your bunny’s stomach.

How to Keep Your Rabbit Away From Corn Cobs

To keep your rabbit safe, you’ll want to make sure they can’t get to any corn cobs. Keep your trash can covered and store all your food out of your bunny’s reach. Also, even though rabbits are curious creatures, it’s essential to watch what they nibble on, especially when they’re hopping around the house outside of their cage.


Even though corn cobs might seem like a tasty treat for your rabbit, they’re not a safe snack. It’s crucial to keep corn cobs out of reach and to stick to rabbit-friendly foods like hay and veggies. Remember, taking good care of your bunny means keeping an eye on their diet, so always choose snacks that will help them live a happy and healthy life. By doing so, you’ll ensure your floppy-eared friend stays bouncing with joy!