Can Rabbits Eat Chives? Herb Hazards!

brown rabbit

Should Your Bunny Buddy Munch on Chives?

Many of us consider our pet rabbits as part of the family and we want to feed them all sorts of treats. But when it comes to chives, it’s a big no-no. In this post, we’re diving into why these pungent plants are a bad idea for your furry friend. Rabbits have sensitive tummies and chives can upset them. So, let’s find out what makes chives unfavorable for rabbits.

The Hidden Dangers of Chives for Pet Rabbits

Rabbits, adorable as they are, have a digestive system that’s quite different from ours. Chives belong to the onion family, and this group isn’t good for bunnies. These plants contain substances that can mess with the red blood cells in rabbits, leading to health issues like anemia. Foods like chives can also cause a tummy upset or even more significant health problems. They’re not natural to a rabbit’s diet, which should be heavy on hay, leafy greens, and the occasional vegetable treat.

Uh-Oh, Has Your Rabbit Just Snacked on Chives?

If your rabbit has somehow nibbled on chives, they may show some signs that they’re not feeling great. You might notice them looking tired or breathing quicker than usual. Their tummy may be upset, leading to diarrhea, which isn’t pleasant for anyone. And in more severe cases, you might see their urine changing color, which is a warning sign to take them to the vet right away. It’s critical to watch for any unusual behavior and be ready to give them the care they need if they eat something they shouldn’t.

Yum! Here’s What to Feed Your Rabbit Instead of Chives

Now, let’s chat about what’s safe and delicious for your bunny to eat. Rabbits love munching on things! Think about giving them dark leafy greens, like romaine lettuce or spinach. Sometimes, a small piece of fruit like a slice of apple can be a nice treat. Always go for rabbit-safe veggies and make sure they have plenty of hay, which should be the main part of their diet anyway. It’s all about feeding them things that are healthy and make their little bunny tummies happy.

Keep Those Chives Out of Bunny Reach

To keep your hoppy companion out of trouble and away from chives, it’s essential to bunny-proof your space. That means making sure there’s no chance for them to grab something they shouldn’t. Keep chives and other harmful foods locked away or up high. Also, supervise your rabbit whenever they’re out and about, romping around your place. By staying alert and keeping dangerous foods out of paw’s reach, you can help prevent any munch mishaps.


We’ve covered why chives are a list-topper on the “do not eat” list for rabbits. Remember, the wrong food can lead to some serious health issues for your fluffy buddy. Stick to rabbit-safe snacks and keep those chives and other no-no foods far away from your bunny. By doing so, you’re making a loving choice that ensures they remain healthy and hoppy. Responsible pet care is key, and it’s our job to make sure our furry friends have all they need to live long and happy lives.