Can Rabbits Eat Chicken? Dietary Debate!

a white rabbit is standing in a barn

Should Bunnies Munch on Chicken? Let’s Explore

When it comes to our furry friends, rabbits, we may wonder if they can share our meals, like a piece of chicken. It’s important to understand that bunnies and humans have very different diets. Bunnies are herbivores, which means they only eat plant-based foods. Chicken is not a natural choice for them, and here’s why they should hop away from it.

The Risks of Feeding Chicken to Rabbits

Rabbits have a digestive system that is finely tuned to process fibrous plant material. Unlike humans or cats and dogs, they don’t eat meat. Feeding chicken to a bunny can lead to serious health problems. Their stomachs aren’t made to digest meat, and doing so can cause digestive upset or even more severe conditions like Gastrointestinal Stasis — a dangerous slowdown in their digestion that can be life-threatening. Additionally, introducing high-fat and high-protein foods like chicken to a rabbit’s diet can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Signs to Watch Out For: When Bunnies Eat What They Shouldn’t

If a rabbit does accidentally eat chicken, there could be some telltale signs that it’s not sitting well. You might notice changes in their behavior, such as being less active or not eating their regular food. They could also have digestive distress, shown by symptoms like diarrhea or constipation. In severe cases, a rabbit might not make any droppings, which is a sign to reach out to a vet immediately.

Safe Snacking: Tasty and Healthy Alternatives for Rabbits

Instead of chicken, there are plenty of rabbit-friendly snacks to offer your pet. Fresh veggies like spinach, bell peppers, and carrots are great choices, as well as occasional fruits, such as apples and blueberries, in moderation. Don’t forget the hay — it should make up the bulk of their diet as it’s essential for their teeth and digestion.

Keeping Chicken out of Bunny’s Reach

To keep your bunny safe from the wrong kind of snacks, always ensure that human food is out of reach. Be mindful when you’re eating or preparing meals, as little food scraps falling to the floor can be tempting for a pet rabbit. If you have kids at home, teach them about what foods are safe for their bunny friends, and why it’s important to stick to the right kind of diet.


In conclusion, rabbits should definitely not eat chicken. They thrive on a diet filled with hay, fresh vegetables, and the occasional fruit treat. Feeding them chicken can cause serious digestive issues and other health concerns. Always be aware of your rabbit’s diet and keep their food bunny-safe to ensure they have long, happy lives. Remember, being a responsible pet owner means knowing what’s best for their health and wellbeing.