Can Rabbits Eat Celery? Crunchy Query!

white rabbit on brown grass during daytime

Should Bunnies Eat Celery? – Yes, With Care

Rabbits can enjoy celery as a part of their diet. This crunchy vegetable is a good snack for your fluffy friend. Yet, it’s important to give celery in the right way. Rabbits need a balanced diet, and celery should only be a small part of it. Let’s hop into the details!

Healthy Hopping: The Benefits of Celery for Rabbits

  • Celery is full of water, which keeps rabbits hydrated. It’s like drinking and eating at the same time!

  • This veggie also has vitamins, like Vitamin A, which is great for a rabbit’s eyesight.

  • It has fiber, too, which is super-important for a bunny’s tummy. It helps them digest their food better.

How Much Celery Can A Rabbit Crunch?

Rabbits shouldn’t have too much celery. Think of it like a treat, not a full meal. A few small pieces, about an inch or two, a couple of times a week is enough. Also, cut the celery into little bits to prevent choking. Your bunny will love it, but remember to start slow and see how they like it.

Careful Crunching: Things to Keep in Mind

Celery is safe, but not everything about it is perfect for bunnies. It has something called “strings,” which are the fibrous parts that might cause tummy problems. It’s best to remove these strings before giving celery to your pet. Also, introducing new foods to a rabbit’s diet should be done gradually, to see if their tummy agrees with it.

Snack Time for Fluffy Friends

Celery isn’t just for rabbits. Other pets like guinea pigs can also have celery as a treat. But some pets can’t have it, so always check if it’s okay for your particular buddy. Each animal is different, just like people.


To wrap it up, rabbits can munch on celery, but like all treats, it should be in moderation. Start with small amounts and watch out for those strings. Healthy eating is all about the right balance, so keep your bunny happy with a mix of hay, fresh veggies, and a little bit of celery for crunch. Happy feeding!