Can Ferrets Eat Dog Biscuits? Biscuit Breakdown!

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Should Ferrets Munch on Dog Biscuits?

When it comes to what our pet ferrets can snack on, dog biscuits might seem like a harmless option. However, it’s not a good idea for ferrets to eat dog biscuits. Although ferrets are known to be quite the little snack-thieves, it’s important for us pet parents to understand why some snacks, like dog biscuits, are not suitable for them. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons why dog biscuits aren’t recommended for ferrets and what can happen if they eat them.

The Risks of Feeding Ferrets Dog Biscuits

Ferrets are strict carnivores, and their bodies are designed to digest meat-based proteins. Dog biscuits, on the other hand, often contain grains and plant-based ingredients which aren’t ideal for a ferret’s digestive system. Prolonged feeding of dog biscuits to ferrets can lead to malnutrition and digestive issues. This mismatch in nutritional needs is the primary concern when considering sharing your dog’s treats with your ferret.

What Happens if a Ferret Eats a Dog Biscuit?

If your ferret manages to nibble on a dog biscuit, you might notice some signs that their tummy is upset. Symptoms can include lethargy, unusual stools, or even vomiting. While a small amount might not cause immediate harm, eating dog biscuits regularly can lead to serious health problems for ferrets, such as insulinoma, a common but serious pancreatic tumor in these animals, because of the inappropriate sugar and carbohydrate content in such treats.

Healthier Treat Options for Your Ferret

Instead of dog biscuits, why not treat your ferret to something more suitable for their carnivorous diet? There are plenty of ferret-friendly treats available that are designed to meet their dietary needs. These include high-protein treats, meat-based chew sticks, and freeze-dried meat treats. Always choose treats made specifically for ferrets or that are raw, meat-based, and grain-free to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

Preventative Steps to Keep Dog Biscuits Away from Ferrets

To make sure your ferret stays away from dog biscuits, it’s important to keep such treats out of their reach. Ferrets are curious and can climb or squeeze into tight spots where dog biscuits may be stored. Use containers with secure lids and store them on high shelves. Also, monitor your pets when they are out together to ensure your ferret isn’t snacking on something they shouldn’t.


In summary, it is best to avoid feeding dog biscuits to ferrets due to their carnivorous dietary requirements which are not met by the ingredients found in dog biscuits. There are many ferret-appropriate treats that can be provided instead. Remember, the health of your ferret is in your hands, and it’s crucial to give them food that supports their well-being. Sensible treat choices and some precautionary measures can help you ensure your ferret enjoys a happy and healthy life.