Can Cats Eat Spiders? Webbed Wonder?

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Can Cats Eat Spiders? – No, They can’t

While the occasional spider might not harm your cat, it’s generally not a good idea to let them eat spiders. Despite being natural hunters, cats could get sick from eating certain types of spiders. Some spiders carry venom, which can be dangerous to your pet’s health. Plus, spiders might have been exposed to insecticides, which could also pose a risk. So, it’s safer to discourage this behavior.

Can Kittens Eat Spiders?

No, kittens should not eat spiders. Their immune systems are still developing, and they’re more vulnerable than adult cats to potential toxins. Additionally, a spider’s venom can be more dangerous to a smaller, younger cat. It’s important to keep a closer eye on kittens and ensure they’re safe from these eight-legged creatures.

Things to consider when feeding spiders to kittens?

Since the verdict is to prevent kittens from eating spiders, there are a few important factors to consider. Their small size and underdeveloped immune systems can’t handle the possible toxins well. If they do eat a spider, watch for any signs of distress and consult your veterinarian immediately.

Nutritional Benefits of Spiders for Cats – Why Cats can’t have Spiders

There are no significant benefits

Spiders do not provide any substantial nutritional benefits that would make them worthwhile for your cat to consume. Also, the risks they pose far outweigh any negligible benefits they may have.

Potential Allergies: Can Cats Be Allergic to Spiders?

While allergies to spiders in cats aren’t common, it’s not entirely impossible. Cats can be allergic to the venom some spiders contain. If a cat is sensitive to this venom, it can result in an allergic reaction.

Symptoms of Spider Allergies in Cats

  • Swelling: Look for unusual swelling around the bite area or face.
  • Vomiting: Some cats might vomit as a reaction to the spider’s venom.
  • Difficulty breathing: This is a serious symptom that could indicate anaphylaxis, which is an emergency situation.

What to Do If Your Cat Shows Symptoms?

  • Consult a vet: Always consult with your vet if you notice any symptoms following a spider encounter.
  • Monitor closely: Keep a close watch on your cat for any changes in behavior or health.
  • Prevent further contacts: Take steps to minimize your cat’s interaction with spiders in the future.

Recommended Amount: How Much Spiders Can a Cat Consume?

Due to the potential dangers, there is no recommended amount of spiders for a cat to consume. It’s best to keep spiders away from your cat altogether.

Things to Consider When Feeding Spiders to Cats

Considering the potential risks, it is not advisable to feed spiders to cats intentionally. Ensure you have measures in place to keep spiders out of your cat’s reach to prevent them from eating spiders.

How to Feed Spiders to Cats: A Quick Guide

This section doesn’t apply as you should not feed spiders to cats. Instead, focus on providing a balanced diet through high-quality commercial cat food and consult your veterinarian for any dietary concerns.


It’s clear that allowing cats or kittens to eat spiders is not recommended. Safeguarding your pet’s health is important, and that includes preventing them from potentially harmful activities, such as consuming spiders. Remember to always consult with your veterinarian if your cat exhibits any signs of illness or distress, and keep your environment free from pests that can pose risks to your cat’s health.